Friday, February 11, 2011

a progressive non-manifesto

Shared Media Cooperative, formerly Shared Sacrifice Media, launches two new web sites next week, starting with I have previewed the introductory post here. is a new web site produced by Shared Media Cooperative, devoted to interviews, blog-diaries, news, and debates concerning progressive politics, culture and philosophy.’s home page is a hub for blogs devoted to politics, religion, law, sexuality, philosophy, economics, arts & culture, science & technology, and direct action. The posts on each individual blog will roll through the main page, along with breaking news from the activist community, and daily compilations of leading currents in progressive and left wing politics and culture. contains the following blogs:
• Politics and Policy: Policy analysis and advocacy. Wide-ranging and in-depth discussion of both foreign and domestic policy. An examination of legislative and executive decisionmaking of government both in the U.S. and abroad.
• Economics: Political economy, economic science, an examination of the goings on in the material base. Debates and updates on long-term and short-term economic issues, from both the theoretical and the practical.
• Rule of Law: Legal debates and news from constitutional issues to the prison-industrial complex, from drug policy to immigration, from the death penalty to corporate personhood. Updates on the rule of law in America and abroad.
• Take Action: Immediate and significant opportunities to make a difference. Direct action opportunities: protests, strikes, boycots, petitions, elections, targeted fund drives, and more.
• Spirituality: Institutional and non-institutional religious perspectives on contemporary politics and culture. News of religious dissent and progressive spirituality around the world, as well as a chance to thoughtfully report and criticize on regressive religious tendencies.
• Philosophy: Foundational human thought and its relation to the politics of history and everyday life. Criticism, advocacy, speculation, and logic.
• Sexuality: News, views, and analysis of intimacy and pleasure. Sexual politics, alternatives, and the struggle for sexual freedom.
• Arts and Culture: Music, dance, literature, movies, poetry, theater, graphic arts, folklore, fiction, high and low art, featuring both reviews and original work.
• In addition, we are adding a Science and Technology blog in the near future.

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