Friday, January 26, 2007

The thing is, I really do deserve a million dollars to make the world better...

Yes, I occasionally read them if they look novel or interesting. In this case, the subject line was "Benefactor for 2007 Cornell grant" (has anyone else received academic-looking scams? I sometimes wonder if the odd conference announcements I get may in some way be scammy...). The award is consistent with the "objective" of Walter F. Willcox, a well-known early 20th century scientist. The money --and quite a bit of it, 430,000 pounds sterling-- is coming to you because someone (somehow) figured out you would use it for the "betterment of man" [sic].

Of course, I understand the risk that this same secret cabal that operates "under the jurisdiction of the Eye of Providence" might choose to exact some kind of revenge on me for revealing their procedures to the non-chosen. There's always a chance, I suppose, that the email scam will be true and the revealor thus risk certain danger. On the other hand, if the offer is real and you assume it's real, you could end up with untold wealth. With apologies to Pascal, I call this the "Nigerian Prince Wager," after the well-known scam pattern.

Our Ref: RK/32911/UK

Dear Benefactor Of 2007 Cornell Society Grant,

The Cornell Society of Colchester under the jurisdiction of
the Eye of Providence. After series of secret deliberations
selected twelve (12) people from around the globe to be a
beneficiary of our 2007 foundation laying grants and also an
optional opening at the round table of the Cornell Society of

These grants are issued every 15years around the world in
accordance with the objective of the Cornell as stated by
Walter F. Willcox in 1881 which is to ensure the continuous
freedom of man's faith and to enhance living conditions.

We will also advice that these funds which amount to £
430,000:00 only (Four Hundred And Thirty thousand British
pound sterlings) be used to better the lot of man through your
own initiative and also we will go further to inform that the
open slot to become a Cornel is optional, you can decline the

In order to claim your grant, contact the Grand Lodge Office

Barr. chris Vernables
Grand Lodge Office co-Supervisor
Tel/Fax: +44 (871) 264 1588
Kindly quote the above reference when contacting Barr. chris
Vernables. See you in the next 15years and again

This email may contain information which is confidential
and/or privileged. The information is intended solely for the
use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not
the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying,
distribution or use of the contents is prohibited. If you have
received this electronic transmission in error, please notify
the sender by telephone or return email and delete the
material from your computer .