Wednesday, January 11, 2012

somebody said "Matt, tell us how you really feel about the left and Ron Paul..."

I just wish the vessel of truth wasn't a f***king race-baiting homophobe classist billionaire's buddy confederate south-shoulda-won-the-war f**k poor and sick people d-bag. Is that too much to ask? That the person speaking truth to power not have so much potential to DISCREDIT the righteous? I am just amazed at how many people on the left refuse to engage that question in any meaningful sense. We're really that desperate--we're like a bunch of 15 year old boys who will have sex with some 80 year old nag with herpes because we're that deprived and desperate for something. And this whole episode has forced me to re-think the white left on the race issue. I used to defend us on that. I won't anymore. We are a bunch of myopic hippies who just don't care about racism. So yeah, that's how I feel.

Can Romney Win?

If Romney's people can take an out-of-touch, ADD-like billionaire who can't seem to say a single thing that sounds in the least bit empathetic to the life situations of 90% of the population, while getting hardcore evangelicals to vote for him, and somehow convince a few working class conservative Democrats to vote for him, all the while overcoming the most effective campaign team we've seen in 50 years (better than Clinton's, I think), then Romney edges Obama. I don't see it, but I've been wrong before; I thought Gore would get more votes than Bush, and...oh wait.