Thursday, January 03, 2008

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XXX [4:01 P.M.]: that's what happens when you abandon class as an explanatory postulate.

ZZZ [4:01 P.M.]: oh, matt, you and your Marxism

XXX[4:02 P.M.]: that's exactly what an apologist for capital would say

ZZZ[4:02 P.M.]: and that's exactly what a dogmatic marxist would say to reinforce his ideology.

XXX [4:03 P.M.]: which is exactly what a bourgeois faux radical pomo person would say, conveniently reappropriating the trappings of marxism without the substance (and commitment)

ZZZ [4:05 P.M.]: And to continue to reappropirate his fantasy, the Marxist continues to construct fantastical spectres out of criticism against the rigidity and failure of a Marxist interpretation, only to continue to define the world in terms of an out moded view.

XXX [4:07 P.M.]: word

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Y said...

I'm underwhelmed.