Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's not Nader's fault...

The latest AP Poll has Ralph Nader at 6% -- after virtually no mainstream media coverage whatsoever. The anti-Nader screeds are already emerging from the liberal blogosphere, trying to warn us of impending nuclear war and stuff.

It's not Nader's fault he's polling at 6%. If he dropped out of the race, some other third party Left hero would step in. Perhaps we could imprison or eliminate all third party Left candidates. That might result in the kind of election the Democratic party wants.

If Obama loses the election, it will be because he pounded fists with his wife and a stupid Faux anchor called it "terrorist fist jab" and that remark will stick to the Obamas like glue thanks to Faux news and their weak opposition. Is this the kind of system you want to defend?

If you like Obama, imagine him in the form of a real progressive candidate--the kind we will never be able to elect under the current corporate two-party system. A candidate who could elude the power of the bigoted, disproportionately powerful corporate media. Continuing the corpor-autocratic two-party system, and continuing to legitimize it by attacking third party candidates, is more harmful than a McCain presidency.

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Renegade Eye said...

I'm supporting at this time Cynthia McKinney and her Power To The People Campaign. She strongly supports the Reconstruction Party, a pro working class black led party based in New Orleans.

Similar to Nader support, as a vehicle to talk to people.