Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama and Abortion Politics

I can't help agreeing with Damon Linker's suggestion that President Obama needs to paint an inclusive picture of the abortion debate: one that acknowledges the importance of choice in the present, but also recognizes the morally troubling nature of abortion and the desire of all sides (well, all reasonable sides) to build a society where abortion is not necessary:
...Obama could follow the lead of Bill Clinton in combining a stalwart defense of the right to choose with an acknowledgement that the decision to have an abortion is a choice that troubles the consciences of many millions of Americans--including many millions who steadfastly support abortion rights. Clinton's "safe, legal, and rare" served him well in this regard, but surely an orator as gifted as Obama could forge an even finer phrase or passage of prose to capture the often tragic moral complexities surrounding this most divisive of issues.

In taking such a conciliatory approach, Obama would not only contribute in an important way to fulfilling his stated desire to heal the cultural fissures that have fractured our nation since the mid-sixties. He would also help to ensure that the victory of November 2008 proves to be the start of a new era of liberal leadership, instead of merely the latest Democratic parenthesis in an age of Republican domination.
Well said, Damon!

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Prisstopolis said...


The people who think that they are hyped up with compassion for the unborn, are in fact, hyped up with whatever their religious leaders hyped them up with.

If we ban abortion in this country, religious groups will take up other causes to bring votes to the more establishment-serving candidates.

They currently want to put Christmas back into the schools, (before or after changing to a private school only system.) They also want to reduce taxes for the rich. Today that is called "Joe the plumber" yesterday it was called Reagan trickle down economics.