Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Writers, Editors, Ad-sellers Wanted


The intensification of local, national and global politics necessitates a forum for thoughtful political analysis; intense debate over visions, strategies and tactics; and the building of a pluralist progressive community of activists, scholars, and journalists. This necessity to seize the political moment and shape the coming political epoch inspires our decision to launch Shared Sacrifice: The Journal of Progressive Thought.

The journal will offer progressive dialogue as a new model for the exchange of political and cultural thought. In addition to enjoyable and thought-provoking essays, in-depth news analysis, and cultural reviews, our site will be unique in its facilitation of national and international dialogue between activists, progressive political candidates, and writers and critics. The site will feature an activist calendar and message board, and we plan on hosting robust and relevant debates as an ongoing feature of the site. Although our primary form of discourse will be written, we will supplement text with voice and image, including podcasts of essays, videos of commentary and events, and even editorial cartoons.

If you like to write, draw, think and/or speak, you should get in touch with us fast. Due to the success of our internet radio show Shared Sacrifice, the site will have an instant readership which will only grow with time. Today’s volunteer submissions and positions will become tomorrow’s paid work as the site becomes economically self-sustaining.

What we need:

Writers: We plan on posting ten or more new articles per week, including contemporary political analysis, policy and movement advocacy, reviews of movies, books, theater, music and more, economic analysis, and reports of political activity anywhere and everywhere. Writers may contact Matt Stannard to receive an assignment, or submit unsolicited manuscripts. Standard length for essays and feature articles is between 1,000 and 1,500 words; reviews, news briefs and shorter pieces should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

Editors: While we will not edit content once we have accepted a submission, we will edit for style and mechanics. Time permitting, editors may work with writers to improve pieces; in deadline situations, editors will clean up pieces for posting. Editorial experience is the edge for those seeking to break into the writing and publishing business, so this may be a valuable opportunity for many of you.

Advertising Sales Reps: We will offer a variety of advertising options for clients who are comfortable with the political and cultural perspectives of the site. Our goal is to make the site and its parent organization economically sustainable within six months. We seek confident people to help us sell ads for what will be an exciting, well-traveled site.

Exposure and Support: Listen to the radio show and, once the site is up, visit it and comment on the content. Send the links to the show and the site to as many people as you can. Help us link up to thousands of blogs, political sites, and message boards, to promote our model of dialogue and sacrifice across a wide spectrum of progressive-minded communities.

For more information, or to send submissions, contact Matt Stannard:

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