Friday, April 02, 2010

Islands tipping over and such

Regarding Representative Hank Johnson's speculation that Guam could capsize: 1. He's now saying it was either a metaphor or a joke but the clarification doesn't seem credible to me. 2. I want to back off ridiculing him because I didn't realize he was ill. 3. But he's running again and all joking aside, this kind of concerns me. Take some time off, sir.  4. It's not much worse than the argument made by right wing science-haters that CO2 is necessary for life. 

Bonus commentary:  Dumbest web site in the universe thus far: "Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias."  Because there's just so much pro-Obama media bias.  It's overwhelming.  Dumbasses. 


Kendall said...

Wait -- given its key role in photosynthesis, how is CO2 *not* essential to life? Did I miss something?

matt said...

The argument being made is that since CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis, any effort to curb industrial CO2 emissions is therefore a threat to all life.