Monday, May 17, 2010

yes please

A fan on Contessa Brewer's FB page urges her to "report [on] the Tea Party fairly" and avoid "MSNBC bias."

Should Contessa report on the Tea Partiers in Maine who vandalized and stole from a public school? Should she report on the Tea Partier who made fun of Roger Ebert's cancer? Should she report on the Tea Partier/GOP candidate Ron Kirkland who publicly longed for the days in which homosexuals "were taken care of in ways I can't describe?" The Tea Partiers who threatened gun violence as a response to the passage of Obama's watered-down health care reform?  The re-branded KKK Tea Partiers?  The spitters?  The Tea-Party-backed Republican candidate who publicly expressed a desire to shoot liberals

Or should she report on the true sources of funding for the Tea Party movement: Billionaire oil giants the Koch family? Don Blankenship of Massey Energy? Freedomworks? Americans for Prosperity?

How about the foundational fact, ignored by both the Tea Partiers and the mainstream media, that the historical foundation of the name "Tea Party" is inaccurate, in the sense that the original Boston Tea Party stood for the exact opposite of what the 'Baggers are standing for now? (As an anonymous commenter said recently, this would be like the original Boston rebels defending the East India Trading Company.) 

By all means, Contessa, be fair!

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