Tuesday, June 29, 2010


(Terry Allen)

This is from Juarez, an album which has garnered incredible critical praise.

I feel just like a dogwood tree
Yeah somebody come carved a cross outta me
Carried me down to Jerusalem
People they gave me to the carpenter’s son

Yeah they carried my weight up on the old gotham plain
Sky turned black and it started to rain
Police with this a hammer drove his white hands into me
Made him a part of the dogwood tree

Yeah he may be gone far away from here
Sun may shine bright, the sky might be clear.
But the eye that they used to nail him to me
Remains dark in the bog of the dogwood tree


Anonymous said...

"Old gotham plain" or "Golgotha plain"?

Anonymous said...

iron not eye
bark not bog
and yeah, golgotha plain

also check out buckners reworking