Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Face of the Contemporary GOP

I would have thought he was a fictional character; a satire.  But Jim Russell is very real: He's a GOP candidate for the U.S. House, he's got staunch supporters (read some of the comments underneath the article), and he possesses systemically sophisticated views against Jews, interracial marriage and dating, and the "de-Europeanization" of Europe.  

He's not a fringe candidate, not a fake-GOPer, not a rogue.  He has been endorsed by the New York Republican Party and the New York Conservative Party.  If you donate to GOP causes, you've likely donated to him. 

And now the poop's about to hit the fan on the GOP's colossal failure to vet this scumbag.  The initial credit seems to belong to Maggie Haberman at Politico, who dug up Russell's Streicheresque essay at the hate journal Occidental Quarterly.  The story has been picked up by Salon, and a few other sites as well.

Incipient fascism.  That's what we're seeing here. And this is one of the few times the link is so explicit.

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