Wednesday, January 11, 2012

somebody said "Matt, tell us how you really feel about the left and Ron Paul..."

I just wish the vessel of truth wasn't a f***king race-baiting homophobe classist billionaire's buddy confederate south-shoulda-won-the-war f**k poor and sick people d-bag. Is that too much to ask? That the person speaking truth to power not have so much potential to DISCREDIT the righteous? I am just amazed at how many people on the left refuse to engage that question in any meaningful sense. We're really that desperate--we're like a bunch of 15 year old boys who will have sex with some 80 year old nag with herpes because we're that deprived and desperate for something. And this whole episode has forced me to re-think the white left on the race issue. I used to defend us on that. I won't anymore. We are a bunch of myopic hippies who just don't care about racism. So yeah, that's how I feel.


Anonymous said...

Forgive my denseness, but what is this article referring to? Who is the "vessel of truth," and what did he or she say?

matt said...

The "vessel" is Ron Paul, who has criticized U.S. imperialism and the failed war on drugs. For a more comprehensive account of my objections to Paul, and particularly to some white progressives' infatuation with him, see


Anonymous said...

This may be a silly question, but I do have a lot of respect for your viewpoints, and am genuinely curious...

What have you thought of other Democratic presidents in US history? I think that a lot of your criticism of Obama has been spot on, but I was a bit too young to remember much of Clinton, and he's someone who is usually revered by the left. How did you feel when Clinton was in office? What about after he left office?

Are there any Democratic presidents who we can genuinely look to as exemplars for the Democratic party moving forward? FDR? Anybody? Or has the party always been broken, both past and present?

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