Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Colleagues in Korea

No beautiful Korean sites in this installment, but quite a few beautiful people...

Jason Jarvis, former outstanding debater from Emory University, now a lecturer and Assistant Dean at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, and the dude who organized this whole KDA/Ewha event.

Devin "snappiest dresser in Korea" Murphy, two-time NDT first round bid recipient and quite sarcastic Stephen Chaudoin, and Vicas Kumar, whom, despite his protests to the contrary, I maintain had no drinking experience before coming to Seoul.

Jennifer Warfel and Christine Bradley...neither of whom I know well enough to make fun of, but I have a feeling that the truth will emerge sooner or later.

Brittney Cooper, contemplating something...perhaps the ongoing debate she's having with Elizabeth Jones about the history of Black Nationalism...perhaps the debate she had with Jarvis and me over Christian pedagogy and politics...perhaps just why she puts up with all of us.

Ah Young Kim, a debater for Ewha University. This is the smartest, nicest human being, and the best debater, in all of South Korea. She waited for all of us at the airport, found us food and supplies in the middle of the night, and worst of all, has to put up with Jarvis, which is only slightly more tolerable than being a secretary for Kim Jung Il. Everyone on staff here is vying to be president of the Ah Young Kim fan club, but I think I have an in.

Tonia Green. She is as kind and nice to the students here as she was scary and ruthless as a debater for Louisville. The best part is how she flashes an embarassed smile when they call her "Ms. Green."

Professor Meg Rithmire delivers an impromptu lecture on the intricacies of market foods in Seoul.

Kristen Looney, Steve Stein, Meg Rithmire, as Steve leads us all through the markets at night...

Kristen and Steve demonstrate their late-night debating skills for the citizens of Seoul. Resolved: We're here! No you fool, we're here!

The best is yet to come, including a photo of Kristen demonstrating pen-in-the-mouth speaking drills, and the Korean students following suit...So stay tuned, kiddies.

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