Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Debate Folks at William Jewell College

William Jewell Hall, across a beautiful quad.

You've got to hand it to Colorado College for getting to finals at the tournament...

I mean, just look at their coach!

Kevin Garner has perfected a spot-on Bush impersonation. I just hope his Republican zombie-friends don't find out about it...

I never knew Fife had a sister!

Creighton Bluejays!

Topic announcement in the beautiful chapel.


Nick Dudley and Chris Shaw...either they are wrestling to determine who was better now that their career is over, or...well...partners sometimes have a lot of pent up "tension."

Kevin Minch striking a "don't take my picture or I'll kill you" pose.

Kristen Owen

Lilia Toson

Steve Doubledee

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"Chuck" said...

oh lord, the last thing we need is a record of that weekend :)