Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yet another thing I could not have said better myself:

There has been a great ballyhoo about the immigration, "disasterous" cultural consequences, etc., through immigration and propagation of the paranoia that whites are going to become minority in their "own" countries. This is the narrowest-ever medieval psyche ruling the minds in the twenty-first century.

Americans, Europeans, Muslims, Hindus, in a word everyone belongs to one or the other minority group. There is only one majority in the world: that is the working-class. All others are minorities.

Capitalism and imperialism are far ahead of this medieval nonsense of countires, status-quo of cultures, etc. They need cheap labor and they draw it from all over the world; they need soldiers and recruit them from all parts of the world--making no discrimination in the process. But our enlightened leftists are backward, and they are doomed to remain so as long as they continue to seek guidance from feudal and pre-feudal sociologists and anthropologists.

Workers have no country, no motherland, no nationality, no national culture and other phantoms to worship and lay their lives for. They have their own world culture--their task is to grow from minority to majority world-wide. They are internationalists. The culture for them is not a fossil worth to be presereved but a dynamic, living thing. They have yet to proclaim their culture.

Ramesh Bhat

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Renegade Eye said...

Really good post.

When a factory pollutes the air, the pollution crosses borders. Are problems are international, and solutions need worldwide support.

Bosses have no borders, neither should we.