Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Really? They're...gasp...negotiating???

According to Reuters:
Israel and Syria said on Wednesday they had launched indirect peace talks mediated by Turkish officials in Istanbul, the first confirmation of negotiations between the two neighbors in eight years. In coordinated statements, the two governments said they had launched an open dialogue with the aim of a comprehensive peace. Turkey said delegations of both countries, officially at war since Israel's creation 60 years ago, were already in Istanbul.

I thought appeasement was EVIL EVIL EVIL! That's what that fleshy-necked old guy told me. Oh and that one guy who's our President; he said something about it too. I thought only elitist-black-muslims-in-disguise and Neville Chamberlain believed in negotiation. Wow. Imagine my surprise...


joice said...

'Mmmm someone must be so mad...' these were my thoughts when I read about Israeli-Syrian negotiations this morning..

Renegade Eye said...

The Bush Doctrine is dying. I expect Israel will have to negotiate with Hamas, because Abbas is too weak.