Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Stupidity of the Obama Campaign and Democrats in General

John McCain and his neophyte running mate Sarah Palin will go to Mississippi during the onslaught of Hurricane Gustav. Even if they are doing so solely for the photo-op (and I don't suspect otherwise), they are, in fact, going there. Similarly, Bush and Cheney, in a sudden attack of deathbed sensitivity, announced that they wouldn't attend the GOP convention this week, because of Gustav.

Meanwhile, in the "please stop doing us any favors" department, Michael Moore (whom I have defended in the past) went on MSNBC and said Gustav was a blessing from God, designed to make the Republicans look bad in an election year.

All of these gestures, as empty and meaningless as they are in the scheme of things, will effectively exorcise the specter of Bush's failure and McCain's birthday insensitivity during Hurricane Katrina. It will be seen as repentance and atonement. It will no longer be seen as "fair" to attack the Republicans concerning Katrina.

Obama and Biden will do no such thing. They are headed to Ohio and Michigan. Obama condescendingly sent out a statement urging the citizens of New Orleans to evacuate. Wow--the innovative wisdom of such a statement blows my mind.

Chalk this up as a win for McCain-Palin and as a guarantee that the Republicans will never have to answer for Katrina again. Chalk this up as a colossal, arrogant error on the part of Obama-Biden. I understand that it's ridiculous, objectively speaking, to believe that a visit by a candidate helps anyone besides the candidate; I understand that this whole moral pissing contest is disgusting, but for those of you on the left who want to play that game, your candidate is not playing it well at all. If you don't like the rules of the game, then walk away from the two-party gameshow sham. But if you're going to stick around, then you should be seriously disappointed in the way your golden boy is playing.

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