Tuesday, March 03, 2009

3 cheers for Zack de la Rocha and everyone who protested that racist moron Joe Arpaio

I met Zack de la Rocha in 1994 at a farm workers' rally in Sacramento. Soft-spoken, thoughtful, and extremely critically reflective, he nevertheless shows up at every important progressive event, and frequently leads the charge where confrontation is needed the most. That mass of human garbage Joe Arpaio is a prime example of someone who needs a can of whoopass compliments of Mr. de la Rocha.

According to the February 28 New Phoenix Times (the source of the above photo), as many as 4,000 people were at this protest.

If you don't know who Sheriff Joe Arpaio is, read here...but not on a full stomach. In a just society, Joe Arpaio would either be in prison himself or be a curious living artifact at the Museum of Regressive Pathologies.

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Renegade Eye said...

Democracy Now had a good report about the sheriff.

Prison slave labor is much more rampant, than most are aware of.