Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wharton: Obama's no socialist; he's a hedge fund democrat!

Billy Wharton of the Socialist Party has a decent piece in today's Washington Post describing how Faux News portrayed Obama as a "Manchurian Candidate" socialist, and how Faux and other outfits paraded people like Brian Moore and Wharton himself on TV as a kind of sideshow. This is a candidate for quote of the next four years:
The funny thing is, of course, that socialists know that Barack Obama is not one of us. Not only is he not a socialist, he may in fact not even be a liberal. Socialists understand him more as a hedge-fund Democrat -- one of a generation of neoliberal politicians firmly committed to free-market policies.
Oh, and it's nice to know that Shared Sacrifice scooped Stephen Colbert in interviewing Mr. Moore. Small victories and all.

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Renegade Eye said...

Sarkozy started out really popular. The honeymoon Obama has had, will end.

Obama can't be put in the same sentence as socialism.