Sunday, September 13, 2009

Action needed against murderous anti-gay singer

ACTION: "Faggots Must Die"

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[Buju] Banton is a singer whose music promotes violence against LGBT people through lyrics such as, "Anytime Buju Banton come, faggots get up and run ... they have to die." He sings that he will shoot them in the head or "burn them up bad."
Just YESTERDAY, The Independent published an article on yet ANOTHER anti-gay murder on the island of Jamaica, where Banton's lyrics and the hate behind them are openly celebrated and (according to Amnesty International) at least 35 gay men have been slaughtered since 1997.
Now this man is bringing this "murder music" to the USA.

I am particularly interested in this news in terms of the singer's visit to Salt Lake City, Denver, and Aspen. I want to know whether there is a potential coalition of interested folks in those areas--enough for us to coordinate action between now and the concert dates. I will be contacting friends and activists in all of those areas in the days to come.

October 6th:
City: Denver, CO
Venue: Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Owner: Jay Bianchi & Scott Morrill
Call: 303.297.1772
Email:, &

October 7th:
City: Aspen, CO
Venue: Belly Up Aspen
Owner: Michael Goldberg
Call: 970.544.9800

October 8th:
City: Salt Lake City, UT
Venue: The Urban Lounge
Call: 801.746.0557

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