Wednesday, September 02, 2009

pedagogy of the obsessed

From a brilliant anonymous comment on Alternet this morning:

Progressives: "Let's fix the health care system so that everybody is covered and so that we can control the escalating costs!"

Astroturfers: "You un-American marxists! Revolution! I've got an automatic rifle, See?"

Progressives: "But health insurance is too expensive and too many people are flooding ERs."

Astroturfers "Health care is for pussies! Don't tread on me! Don't tread on me! you Godless homosexuals."

Progressives: "America spends twice as much on health care as any other western industrial country yet our nation is not as healthy as those."

Astroturfers: "Rationing! DEATH PANELS! Water The Tree Of Liberty! Obama is from Kenya! Lookit my big gun!"

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