Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exporting Hate: fighting them there because they can't win here...

The Antigay Highway: New Report Details Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between US Evangelicals and African Antigay Clergy Religious Right ReligionDispatches

"A new report documents the trend of evangelicals like Rick Warren exporting sexuality issues to Africa, whose clergy, in turn, support the minority antigay view in mainline denominations, weakening them.

"Renewal groups, such as the Institute on Religion and Democracy, have long sought to conservatize or split mainline American churches—frequently over gender or sexuality issues—and liberal scholars have traced many of the mainline schisms that have dominated headlines over the past several years to groundwork laid by groups like the IRD.

The report documents "a clear trend of the US Christian right exporting its battles over social and sexuality issues to Africa. .. As a result ... a culture of vicious repression of gay rights has emerged, shaped by US evangelicals ranging from more 'respectable' figures like Rick Warren, to fringe activists like Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively (author of anti-gay book The Pink Swastika, which suggests that Nazism was a gay plot).

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