Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sobering news on two fronts

Well, the GOP has edged ahead of the Dems, according to Gallup, in anticipation of the mid-term elections. It all seems to hinge on who "the independents" are. I have suggested in the past that all the conservatives boasting that Bush's ineptitude made them leave the GOP are lying to themselves--that they'll come back in droves, as they appear to be doing--and will re-identify eventually, once they discover that they really can't "live off the grid" proverbially or literally.

Meanwhile, this very sad and enraging statistic on Veterans' Day: Last year over 2200 veterans died due to lack of access to health care, particularly in the form of health insurance. I hope people aren't reluctant to spread that statistic around today on social networking sites.


C. Cryn Johannsen said...

I already posted - disgusting statistic. Yet I've become so cynical, it's not surprising. What's worse? The statistic or the fact that I am not shocked by it?

matt said...

The statistic is worse.