Sunday, March 06, 2011

not-so-undercover in Libya

From what little I could gather in this article (which, to be fair, is from the state-run media of the nation most likely to lie about bthe event in question), it doesn't sound like the clandestine (not very effectively clandestine) British forces captured by Libyan rebels are in any danger, or that their detainers are being hostile to them. They were found behaving suspiciously and had weapons on them. The rebels are concerned about Gaddafi bringing in mercenaries from other countries (which he apparently has--and which the U.S. is apparently supporting) to help put down the rebellion. A charitable interpretation is that the Brits were there either to observe events or to assist in rounding up British citizens and getting them the heck out of Libya. Of course, the Ministry of Defence is silent.

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