Friday, January 22, 2010

Goodbye, John

John Edwards is done for. The only one of the big three in the Dem primaries whom I even remotely agreed with was Edwards. His moral arguments against class inequality were a refreshing contrast to DLC-inspired centrist free trade rising tide lifts all boats BS coming from Clinton and Obama. Sad that he turned out to be even more lecherous than Bill Clinton--which is saying a great deal. Now, if Elizabeth Edwards (bless her) were able to beat the odds and recover, and then decided to run for office, that might be enough to make me reconsider my disinterest in the Democratic Party.

And as a parent, I just have to say that I can't imagine the state of mind under which one would deny the existence of one's own child (and Edwards ain't the only politician who's done that).  Did he think that, because he lost a child, he enjoyed some kind of special status?  Who knows? More importantly, we must continue to struggle for a world where such a decision is truly unfathomable. 

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