Monday, January 25, 2010

Wheatland school board's anti-anti-hate position

Wheatland school board bans anti-hate banners -

This is the story I've been following for the past two days with my commentary and analysis on KOCA 93.5 in Laramie, but tonight I'll be taking the issue global on the Monday evening podcast of Shared Sacrifice Nightly.

Trying to get a representative from the Wyoming ACLU on the show. Alternatively, or additionally, I hope to talk to a representative from the ADL. Anyone from the Platte County School District 1 trustees is also welcome to be on the show.

Board members have advanced two main arguments in support of their decision: (1) Since Wheatland is conservative, affiliation with GLBT groups goes against community norms (yeah, Board member Lee Dunham actually speaks for the entire community and invokes "community norms" with confidence in his authority to do so), and (2), conservatives and evangelicals will be bullied harassed for their anti-gay beliefs and receive no protection from the anti-hate campaign.

Queerty has already taken the issue national.

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