Monday, June 15, 2009

betting on dumbassery

Can't Republicans find a more intelligent person than Sarah Palin to lead them out of the wilderness? I understand your desperation, your willingness to look for the virtues of someone seemingly so willing to take up the mantle, your sudden, deathbed conversion to feminism, and all that. But the woman is silly, shallow, deceitful, self-serving, inconsistent, and above all, she sounds stupider than a sack of nails. Got that? She sounds ignorant. Maybe, you're thinking to yourselves, well it worked with Bush: lots of people are more comfortable with those folksy types who ain't overly edumicated. But if that's the explanation for SMART conservatives cheering Palin on, then I'm truly disappointed in you. You don't truly believe in meritocracy if you long for a stupid person to represent your party, in hopes that all the people you deem stupid will come back to your ranks. That's just...stupid.

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