Monday, June 01, 2009

Their crazies and ours

Now, most Americans would consider this inexcusable. It's easy to make that kind of judgment against the Iraqi, Muslim other--particularly when it so naturally offends the sensibilities of those who genuinely love freedom and humanity. There's really no difference, though, between that cleric and Hal Turner. And Bill O'Reilly may not be in the same league, but he's climbing the fence.


Anonymous said...

Moqtada Sadr would be the fanatic that Naomi Klein lauded in The Nation a couple of yrs. ago. as for homosexuality and the Left, there has long been a current of opinion among communists (like the RCP) that is documented going back to Marx and Engels, that is as bigoted as that uttered by Sadr. See,

matt said...

No relevance to this blog or to me. I am a contemporary socialist who is for gender and sexual equality. Moreover, no living Marxist I know personally, or impersonally, believes what you attribute. Millions of Muslims and Christians do, however. Please stop trolling here. said...

By Tiller's own admission, he performed more than six thousand late-term abortions.

Yet you seem to be of the opinion that what I **say** is worse than what he **did.**

He killed babies. I opposed it as far as free speech allowed, but somehow - in your strange world -- I am the bad guy.

You need psychiatric help.

-- Hal Turner

matt said...

As I read from an anonymous commentator somewhere this morning, reasonable people (perhaps not you, Hal) can disagree on whether what Dr. Tiller did constitutes murder, but there's no question that going into a house of God and shooting Dr. Tiller was bonified murder. Please continue to let America know that you favor lawless vigilantism, Hal. Shout it from the rooftops. Please.

jurassicpork said...

Hal just trolled my site and said basically the same thing. The fat, lazy fuck can't even defend his views without resorting to time-saving cutting and pasting. What a bloated tool.