Sunday, June 14, 2009

The link between conservatism and extremism...still waiting for the deconstruction

Every time someone in the GOP says something really, really stupid, and all the other GOPers say that those people don't speak for the party, I think that soon they'll be a new party consisting of everyone who's been sworn off by the GOP.

Two important new pieces, from vastly different sources, one grass roots and the other uncomfortably bourgeois, both on the question of GOP/Limbaugh/Fox-inspired violence, whether a link exists, how in the world a link possibly couldn't exist, etc. At what point does overclaiming a link allow liberals to dodge sociological, structural, and scientific explanations for the increase in violence and intolerance--a predictable effect of increased anomie, alienation and insecurity during the impending collapse of the current phase of capitalism?

Anyway, Frank Rich, for the New York Times...

...and Sara Robinson at Blog For Our Future; same premises as Rich, a little more firm in delivery.

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