Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brechtian Naughtiness

Came across this bawdy little sonnett by Bertolt Brecht, sure to raise your eyebrows or pulse a bit...read it to the person you love.


Your ample peasant skirt's the one to pick
Where cunningly I emphasise the length:
Lifting it off you to its full extent
Revealing thighs and bottom, gives a kick.
Then when you tuck your legs up on our sofa
Let it ride up, so that, hidden in its shadow
Through deep discussions clouded in tobacco
Your flesh may hint our night is not yet over.

It is more than a base and lustful feeling
That makes me want a skirt as wide as this:
Your lovely movements bring to mind Colchis
The day Medea strolled towards the sea. -
These aren't the grounds, though, on which I'm appealing
For such a skirt. Base ones will do for me.


Anonymous said...

If I read this to the person I love, uttering the words, "a skirt as wide as this," would guarantee that I'm tucked up on our sofa for the night.

matt said...

Different time, my friend, different time...