Wednesday, July 22, 2009

two brief remarks about anti-obama loonies

Everyone knows I think Obama is a moderate apologist for (and servant to) a fundamentally corrupt system. But I simply cannot countenance conspiracy theories based on latent (and sometimes blatant) racism and inconsistent application of the standards of logic and politics. Plus they smell bad.

With that in mine, two things I want to mention this morning before I head to work: First, I briefly believed I had invented a new term: birth-baggers. Self-explanatory to political junkies. I googled it and found only one other reference--from some tweet a couple of days ago. Amazing how language develops, huh?

Second, am I the only person who thinks this woman demanding the birth certificate is, um, well...a wee bit tipsy? I mean, hey, if being drunk at town hall meetings were part of the deal, I'm sure more people would become wingnuts.

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