Friday, July 10, 2009

racism as drug-resistant pathogen?

Think racism is a thing of the past? Go to the comments section of any race-related news story in the media-and-blogosphere, and you'll not only see it's still around, but you'll see the degree of rage --pure, unfiltered rage-- that some whites have towards nonwhites.

This was a post in response to a story about a Huntingdon Valley, PA swim club that allegedly cancelled a contract because its members were allegedly upset about an influx of minorities in the club's pool. It's merely the longest and most articulate of several more like it. This one's going to be very difficult to read, and that's why I want you to read it. Just read it, and know that there are people who believe this, feel this, and want to act on this:
I have seen Philadelphia collapse under the infestation of black and hispanic people. Beautiful neighborhoods, local churches and shopping streets have become downright horrible and dangerous due to the influx of these new parasitic residents. People moved to the suburbs to get away from this scene and now the scene is following them. If a private club wants to put up a sign "no blacks need apply" that is their right to do so. We have freedom of association and if I were a member of that swim club and it became overun with 50 pickaninnies, I would reflect on the days of shopping on Kensington Avenue as a child and then going back 50 years later to see what God hath wrought. Stay in your own neighborhood and if you don't like it and are so proud of being an African-American, then you should return to the land of your roots and leave us alone.

Sometimes people ask me why I "give a platform" to extremists on my blog and when I share news stories with the thousands of people I'm connected to out there. It's not about giving a platform. It's about placing this shit under a microscope, and then projecting the images like a scientist, in a lecture hall full of scientists, might project the images of the newest strain of a drug-resistant pathogen. We are the scientists. The epidemiologists.

And civil society is still quite ill.

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