Tuesday, July 21, 2009

who's the tail and who's the dog?

I am tired of conservatives whining about how the mainstream media continues to cover Sarah Palin's awkward, at times painful fall from grace (a perpetual fall, really, since last summer...). The Palin anti-anti-apologists say "you lefties (by which they mean anyone to the left of Fox) sure care about Palin, you sure hate her, you talk about her all the time" as if that --by itself-- demonstrates anything beyond the propensity of the media to like train wrecks.

But in fact, Palin's humiliating political pants-pooping is news. Her inability to write, speak, or think is certainly news in the context of the millions of educated conservatives who support her. It demonstrates that she represents the unthinking, unreflective, theocratic leadership desired by the faintly burning embers of the GOP's right wing. All you conservatives shedding crocodile tears about the mainstream media covering Palin's embarassing idiocies should realize that if millions of wingnuts didn't support her, liberal news commentators wouldn't pay attention to her.

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