Saturday, July 04, 2009

Occam's Palin

A.J. at Feminist Queer just put into words exactly what I've been trying to say about Sarah Palin's resignation speech yesterday, watching the mainstream media fall over themselves in a futile effort to make sense of the senseless words she babbled.
The woman called a meeting to announce her decision to step down as the governor of Alaska. And outside of that statement, everything else that came out of the woman's mouth was pure, and i mean utterly pure, nonsense. I mean it's difficult for the left to even criticize it because there just really isn't any level of substance to be criticized. And besides that, she just made absolutely zero sense.

Exactly (emphasis mine). Every time she says something, I think we listen charitably, thinking we're being too impatient or judgmental about her speaking ability. We know what her ideology is; her policies are a matter of record. We needn't try to play text-interpreters every time she speaks. In this instance, her words were a paradigm instance of doublespeak to the point of nonmeaning, and that's the most sensible (and least time-consuming) reading of this embarassing, terminally weird person.


Anonymous said...

Stepping down from governorship without any reasonable explanation is as suspicious as taking a long weekend in Argentina without telling your wife or coworkers where you are. Can't wait for the other shoe to fall.

matt said...

You betcha!