Sunday, August 16, 2009

"It's all over!"

Young Turks says Obama has already sold out.

Obama has ignored all committees except the Finance Committee in the process of health insurance non-reform. Add that to the signals from Selebius, the deal with big pharm and the insurance companies, all the other evidence cited in the post below.

Moreover, industry lobbyists who have already, allegedly, been promised everything they've asked, have nonetheless seen fit to threaten Obama with a barnful of ads if they don't get it.

"This reform, if these stories are true, is a joke. And it's a joke that's being played on you."

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Anonymous said...

Admittedly the very best "viable" plan in Congress falls far short of where we really want to be. It is at bottom a debate about whether the package that emerges sucks while impeding course correction on the way to single payer or it is a stepping stone to better plans in the future.

But as far as the YT's claim this is all over, I direct your attention to the apparently still firm "nyet" from House progressives vis-a-vis dropping the public option.

So the Obama folks face a choice: Who you gonna strong arm to get a deal, assuming they refuse to accept the prospect of no deal? Are you going to crack the skulls of Conrad, Baucus, etc. or all these progressives in the House + Bernie and Brown and few other PO hardliners in the Senate?

Even if Rahm et al would prefer the progressives capitulate, they may want some type of deal even more and find that strong arming conservadems is the easier path.

A question for us is how much support to give the progressives taking this stance or do we decide that even a robust PO is too little and let the thing die or risk a conservadem victory?

I submit there is no easy or clear answer to these questions. I have seen the progressives fold too many times to count, but I have also not seen them so overtly play hardball either.