Saturday, August 29, 2009

Killing the lies and myths on health care preferences

Four different polls, one conclusion: The vast majority of Americans want a public option included in health care reform legislation. No more lies, no more excuses. Please share this data!

Via Greg Sargent comes news of a memo being issued this morning to Congressional Democrats that spells out pretty clearly that Americans want a public option included in the final health care reform bill that emerges (hopefully) from Congress. Included in the memo is a summary of various polling surveys assessing the publics desire for a government sponsored insurance plan.

Any questions???

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philosopete said...

I started to try to find out how the government actually borrows money, and who decides from where and how much. I figure since Congress already bankrupted the Medicare Trust they'd be needing to do that to fund Health Care Reform, long may it Wave.

I found a link in the the Treasury website to the Treasury Borowing Advisory Committee. You should see who these folks are. It's all the people who got us into this economic meltdown, and a bunch of their friends.

I'm a doctor and I want Health Care Reform. But I'd just as soon have somebody else decide where to get the money.